Knocked Down Again? / Fernando Dámaso

Photo Peter Deel

Here, as the economic measures (and others as well) have no fix, people are already commenting on the street that the carters (street vendors) will soon disappear, along with other jobs authorized only a few months ago, after being banned and persecuted for more fifty years. It appears that the cavedwellers (of different ages) existing within the party and government are concerned that these self-employed can get rich, which, for them, it is inconceivable and can not be allowed under the Cuban model.

It happens, that the small openings approved, demonstrate every day in the clear view of all citizens, the incompetence of the State.

Photo Rebeca

These self-employed offer better products and services, more choices, better treatment and even, many times, better prices, than the government facilities, which have more resources and better conditions but, accustomed to dominate and prevail by force of official law, are unable to compete honestly with this form of individual ownership. Given the failure, they cannot hide the loss of credibility and the negative view of citizens, they are trying to do the only thing they know how to do: prohibit

I imagine, despite the unanimity so often proclaimed, that there is a struggle between those who seek to maintain the stagnation and their failed and obsolete positions, and those who know that without changes, even minimal ones, it is impossible to gain some time.

Photo Peter Deel

The public is tired of so many advances and retreats (more so of the latter) and so much improvisation and experimentation with vital issues, and demands definite and firm action, that tries to alleviate the economic, political and social chaos we find ourselves in. Is it that the Guidelines they carry on so much about, as has already happened so many times before, have already been converted into so much wet paper?

March 3 2012