Knife in Hand, Man Chases Thief Through the Streets of Havana

Members of the Police and the Armed Forces arrived at Águila Street in the municipality of Centro Habana. (14ymedio)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Juan Diego Rodríguez, Havana, 3 March 2022 — The Cuban streets are becoming more and more like a Saturday movie, with action, obscene language and violence. This Thursday, members of the Police and the Armed Forces arrived at Águila Street, in Centro Habana, after a great uproar occurred in the place when a citizen turned himself in to the uniformed men who were guarding a line to buy cigarettes.

The man came running to the corner of the Roseland hard currency store, while being chased by another with a knife in his hand. The individual who was running behind him claimed that the young man who was speeding had forced the door of his vehicle to steal it.

The attempted robbery occurred in broad daylight in the central and busy Neptuno street where the car was parked and was foiled by the owner who caught the criminal red-handed. He immediately took out the knife and began the chase, mimicking the films where a protagonist takes revenge by his own hand, without waiting for the authorities.

The perpetrator preferred to flee and give himself up to the police before being stabbed and, as in a movie script, the scene ended with people in line cheering the man with the sharp knife, who bragged that he had no intention of killing anyone, reported the failed robbery. The thief was taken away in a patrol car and people returned to the routine of lining up to get something to smoke.


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