Images That Once Again Tarnish the Work of CENESEX / Wendy Iriepa and Ignacio Estrada

Mariela Castro holding a sign that says “Freedom for the 5 Cuban prisoners in the U.S. LGBT Social Networks of CENESEX”

From May 8 to 17, the National Center for Sex Education (CENESEX) returns to the official stage with the terrible theatrical work directed by Ms. Mariela Castro Espin entitled “State Faggotry”

It’s not that I have anything against the experienced sexologist’s forays into the world of performing arts, but what I do object to is the continued manipulation and using of the Cuban Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community to benefit the ill-fated Revolution now led by her father Raul Castro Ruz.

The activities will have as their stage different cities in the country, with the city Cienfuegos being the site of the national celebration on this occasion. Havana has not been left behind in these celebrations, conga lines once again traverse the streets, with those who, despite receiving little benefit, use the occasion to go out in the streets at night which the police, otherwise, deprive them of the right to do.

The image you have before you traveled the world in the last day of the international struggle against homophobia in Cuba. They are not any image, these are tied to the (LGBT) Cuban community in various political campaigns. The posters speak for themselves, the faces may not tell us anything beyond the mere fact of carrying these banners for a march or a day that is supposed to be about defending the rights of the (LGBT) community, and we should reject it and demand that those who lead this campaign not repeat it.

I remember having heard from someone who was standing by the podium where Mrs. Mariela Castro Espin uttered the opening words of the day spent carrying in her hands the sign demanding the release of the five Cuban prisoners in the United States. “Are they also homosexuals?” someone asked. The question occasioned great laughter but really you have to wonder how these things happen. We must be clear about the scenario that we use for political purposes.

Let’s ask God and Mrs. Mariela Castro, now known among Cubans as the Empress of Homophobia, not only to concede the capital La Rampa, the areas of the Malecon, and the Cuban streets to the (LGBT) community on this date, instituted by the center she directs, but that she also return these streets to those who are the stars of their own history and no some badly conceived theatrical work.

April 23 2012