Huge Puddles on the Street and No Water at Home Due to the Rupture of a Pipe in Havana

The broken water pipe and the roadworks have left a huge swimming pool a few meters from the Ministry of Agriculture. (14ymedio)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 26 September 2023 — A huge swimming pool has been formed a few meters from the Ministry of Agriculture, located in the capital neighborhood of Nuevo Vedado. Just one block away, on Marino Street on the corner of Santa Ana, the Havana water company has been making repairs since Monday on the pipe that supplies the Palatino tanks, built at the end of the 19th century in the municipality of Cerro.

Yesterday, the provincial press echoed an announcement by the company on social networks explaining why, since the early hours of the morning, there were residents from a large part of the municipality of Plaza de la Revolución without water, and many replied that they had already spent four days without a supply.

“The maintenance and repair brigades worked uninterruptedly with the aim of restoring service in the shortest possible time.”

“Once the repair work is finished, water service will be restored to its normal hours,” the text reads.

This Tuesday there was no one working on repairs. (14ymedio)

Around noon this Tuesday, the Editorial Board of 14ymedio, located in the affected area, which had been without service for more than 48 hours, although the most significant thing, as can be seen in the image that accompanies this text, is that no one was working on the repairs.

The report speaks of an “unforeseen” break, but for years the residents have denounced the deterioration of the road that passes over the pipe. The street had been sinking for a long time, and many warned of its possible collapse.

Three months ago, this newspaper reported a pothole a few meters from the current break, which now had to be opened to repair the structure. The depth of the hole was so alarming that the residents chose to sign it on their own, trying to avoid a misfortune.

The disdain with which the authorities have dealt with this street clashes with the high presence of official buildings, where there is also the headquarters of Panataxi, the fleet of “yellows” destined to transport tourists from José Martí International Airport to Havana, where numerous officials park their vehicles.

Translated by Regina Anavy


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