Group of Hunger Strikers Finish First Week of Protests / Wendy Iriepa and Ignacio Estrada

Note: Wendy and Ignacio are only able to upload their posts periodically and this article refers to the recently ended hunger strike.

A week has passed since Marta Beatriz Roque Cabello’s press conference in Havana, in which she denounced several facts that expose a number of activities on the part of the organs of the Department of State Security intended to undermine Human Rights activists on the island.

Roque Cabello, with a full history as a Human Rights activist and one of the most notable civil society leaders in Cuba, announced at this conference the beginning of a hunger strike which will only come to an end with the reestablishment of Socialist Legality in Cuba, the release of the political prisoner Jorge Cazquez Chaviano whose sentence expired last week and who remains in prison, and the clarification by the State of the looting and robbing at the houses of peaceful opponents, and the destruction of their homes and the loss of their personal belongings.

The strike announced was initiated in the center of the country by former political prisoner Jorge Luis Garcia Perez (Antunez) who also remains steadfast even if this protest will lead to the ultimate consequences.

A week since its beginning this hunger strike is already known as the strike with the most protestors in the island. The number of strikers is growing on the streets and within the prisons.

Although many have expressed their disagreement with the prolonged use of the hunger strike as a way of fighting, the number of people in solidarity increases at every moment and it has recently been learned that the Centrist Democrat International soon take to the Geneva Human Rights Commission the case of the 28 Cubans on hunger strike.

September 17 2012