From My Window / Rebeca Monzo

I’m not a photographer but I love photography. I have a son who is one, and a very good one, with many awards here on my planet. When I leaned out the window a few days ago and saw these colors, I ran to find my little camera and tightening the strap around my wrist I pushed it carefully through the blinds to capture the moment. Incredibly, as I pressed the shutter, I thought of him, of my other son, of my beautiful granddaughters, whom I barely know, of my friends who have left, and it saddened me not to be able to share this impressive vision with them.

When I think that they had to leave and miss these sunsets (even though they may enjoy others), simply for having lost here, in the land of their birth, the horizon, I feel something inside me breaking.

To travel, to go to live in another country, to stretch other links, to return, and to leave again, is the most natural thing in the world, but to have to leave what is yours indefinitely, because you have no future there, no options, this is not fair. Even more so when you grow up hearing it said in school and in the media that everything that was done was to make a better future for you.

October 6, 2010