Everyone Shouts Bike… / Wendy Iriepa and Ignacio Estrada

DSCN0565To visit the famous city of Holguin is a truly unique experience for those who enjoy excursions beyond the area where they live. Images can be captured by the unique lens of any national or foreign tourist.

Holguín is one of the country’s eastern cities waiting to be discovered by restless walkers. Walking through its broad streets and numerous squares — which earned it the nickname “City of Parks” — we can see the different architectural styles that recreate the work of renowned architects.

On one of my walks I constantly heard the word … Bike … a word that is recognized or a request for service that becomes the main form of transport in the largest provincial capital cities of the country.

Prices for access to this transport vary according distances traveled but I assure you that no one wants to leave this earth without riding in one. The Bike Taxis are maneuvered by elderly retirees and young people who have found them a source of income for their homes. Any of these pedicabs may surprise visitors with their characteristic comfort and the originality of their owners. Trying to attract customers, some place beach umbrellas to protect people from the sun, others add audio equipment and decorate them like beautiful cars.

One of those I ride assures me there were 4000 bicycle-taxi drivers working in the city. All are recognized by the State. This work is one of the allowed forms of self-employment.

The Holguin bicycle-taxies adopt the model intended by their creator, the best known and demanded is the single seat, which is a bike with a sidecar added. These, according to their builders, are faster and very light for transporting passengers. There are other bike models but they are copies of those in other provinces.

If you ever have the pleasure of visiting this city please join and be one of many that request transportation service by shouting … Bike …

November 19 2012