Elderly Protest Lack of Medical Specialists in Santa Clara / Yesmy Elena Mena

SANTA CLARA, Cuba, 13 December 2013 Yesmy Elena Mena / www.cubanet.org.- Yesterday morning, at the 20th Anniversary Polyclinic, a group of elderly patients protested before the clinic management because of the cancellation of clinic hours, according to Adelaida Salazar Reyes.

Salazar Reyes, 68, lives on San Miguel Street in this city. She reported that for the second time the cardiology clinic at the 20th Anniversary Polyclinic was cancelled because of lack of specialists.

The nurse who worked alongside Doctor Carlos Torres, whose clinic it is, told the patients that he will not be working this coming year, according to Mrs. Reyes.

Edilio Llanes Fonseca, affected by the situation, told this newspaper that the center’s management responded, “There are no doctors.”

This reported called the Office of Municipal Health and was able to talk to Dr. Ana Maria, who works as a secretary to the director, Juan Jose Pulido, who was in a meeting, but the secretary said she don’t know anything about the matter.

The Cuban government, in its State policies, states that Cuba is a medical power and guarantees medical care in every corner of the island.

The 20th Anniversary Polyclinic is located on San Cristobal Street at Jesus Menendez, in the Raul Sancho neighborhood, Santa Clara, Villa Clara.

Cubanet, 13 December 2013