Cuban Military and Ministry of the Interior Employees Ordered to Lie on the Cuban Census / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo #Cuba

See below for translation of this document.

Site manager’s note: This article comes from the blog Red Observatorio Crítico (Critical Observer Network) and has been linked to here by OLPL. The translation of the post from that site is as follows:

By Rafael Vivero
Workers for MINFAR (Ministry of the Armed Forces) and MININT (Ministry of the Interior) and their family members were given a simple sheet with instructions about how to respond to the recently concluded Population and Housing Census, swearing confidentiality. “Civil defense” workers were ordered to lie on the Census, and say that they worked for the “People’s Power.”

Summary translation of the notice:

Possible Questions You Will Be Asked

What title or diploma do you possess?

If you are a military engineer respond that you are a civil engineer.

What did you do yesterday?

I worked.

What is your occupation?

[The form lists what they should say, based on their position — for example a “soldier” becomes an “operator” and then the form directs them to do so “ALL WITHOUT MENTIONING THE ARMY.”]

Under whose name did you work this week?

All categories should respond “Under the Provincial People’s Power”

What do you do at the Provincial People’s Power?

Public administration.

Do you have a secondary occupation?


October 17 2012