Cuban Catholic Church Dedicated its 2013 Calendar to the Personality of Cuban Priest Felix Varela / Ignacio Estrada Cepero

By: Ignacio Estrada Cepero, Independent Journalist

The Catholic Bishops Conference of Cuba dedicates its upcoming calendar year, to 224th anniversary of the birth of Father Felix Varela.

The almanac is already recognized by some of the Cuban Catholic faithful as one of the finest sellers in recent years. A comprehensive biography of the Cuban priest accompanies each page, making a journey from birth to every stage of his life.

It is the first time that the Cuban church pays tribute on one of their annual calendars to the man who is recognized as “The Deer of God.”

It must be remembered that this humble Cuban caused great changes in Cuban education coming to be called by all as “The one who taught us to think.” This little Cuban priest experienced persecution by the Spanish regime and had to go to the United States where he died at 65 years of age.

In the first papal visit to Cuba, Pope John Paul II referred to the work of this Cuban priest saying, and I quote “… illustrious son of this land is P. Felix Varela y Morales, considered by many as the cornerstone of the Cuban nationality. In his person was found the best synthesis of faith and Cuban culture. A teacher of generations of Cubans, he taught that by taking responsibility the first thing you should learn is the difficult art of thinking correctly and with your own head … ”

The calendars are now on sale in all parishes and places of worship on the island.

November 5 2012