Cuba Postpones Several Sporting Events Due to the ‘Complex Situation With Fuel’

The lack of fuel also forced the suspension of the second day of Cuban soccer. (Jit)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio/EFE, Havana, 11 February 2024 — Cuba postponed this Saturday the national sports events in development and those planned for the coming days in disciplines such as baseball in the face of the “complex situation with fuel.”   A press release from the state National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation indicates that the decision to stop the competitive calendar covers all categories in soccer, cycling, softball, basketball and baseball.

“In a more favorable context for transportation, participants in the postponed events will be informed about the rescheduling of the sports calendar,” added the note published by Jit on its website.

In October 2023, the Baseball Commission of Havana took the team from the municipality of Cotorro out of the 63rd Provincial Series. The team received the disciplinary measure, announced this Thursday, “for not showing up for its last two meetings,” according to journalist Boris Luis Cabrera Acosta. The sports authorities did not accept the justification that the absences were due to the lack of transport caused by the shortage of fuel that affects Cuba.

The fuel crisis semi-paralyzed Cuba at the end of last 2023 and has remained in 2024, with long lines at gas stations becoming common

The lack of fuel also affected baseball in 2022. The first match of the U-23 championship of the National Baseball Series, between the Villa Clara and Cienfuegos teams, was suspended this Tuesday “for lack of fuel.” According to the “Por la Goma” YouTube channel, the Villaclareños Leopards, who were already staying at the Pasacaballos hotel, received the notification that they could not be transferred to the “5 de septiembre” stadium, where the host team and the local fans were waiting for them.

The fuel crisis semi-paralyzed Cuba at the end of last 2023 and has been maintained in 2024, with long lines at the gas stations becoming common.

The annoying blackouts and the suspension of face-to-face classes at several universities, including the cancellation of the traditional and massive May Day parade in the Plaza de la Revolución, are evidence of the crisis.

The Island imports practically all the oil it consumes and uses it mostly to generate electricity.

Cuba already experienced complicated circumstances with fuel in 2019 and accused the Trump Administration of hindering the entry of fuel into the island by putting pressure on Venezuelan oil tankers.

Translated by Regina Anavy


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