Cuba Fits in One Bed / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

Excerpt from article:

Insomnia is a very persistent. But the vigil could be much worse.

Nietzsche asked to see the sleeping beings to discern their true nature. Photographer Carlos Otero and Enrique Rottenberg offer only the empty beds, single beds, the landscape of a country without the protagonists of so many failed plans and safety-pin nightmares. Cuba no longer as a bucolic savanna, but as a blanket behind closed doors with digital processing. A democratically anti-demographic Cuba (Malthus more than Marx), where everyone listens but no one is portrayed.

This is the latest exhibition opened at the Photo Library of Cuba (Merchants 307, Plaza Vieja): Sleeping with… will remain open to the public for a month from November 4 for a month. These artists visited more than 700 Cuban homes to build their log of mattresses. The data are overwhelming. And everyone opened their rooms for nothing. Perhaps in exchange for a slice of aesthetic eternity.

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Translated by: JT

November 13, 2010