Who’s Fault Is It? / Alexis Piloto Cabrero, Cuban Law Association

Lawyer Alexis Piloto Cabrero

Juan Miguel Hernández Basulto, Camagüey, was expecting a package sent to his wife from Italy through Globestar agency operated in Havana by Cuban officials enjoying the total confidence of the State for this type of business. Hernandez Basulto was discontented when he received the package. The package was for his daughter’s quinceañera, and it was damaged and stolen before he received it. It hurts more when no one appears to be responsible. He told me that he wanted to make a formal claim for damages, but did not know what was the next step.

When communicating with the Globestar representative in Cuba, Mrs. Martha, she told him that she would take care of the problem. But instead she never gave him an answer to his problem. Will Juan Miguel then demanded from Saverio Cicaroni, the owner of the business in Rome, to explain where the gold articles, footwear, and other contents are, valued more than € 520.

Translated by E.C and A.I

12 March 2014

Escape to the Rhythm of Samba / Juan Juan Almeida

The medics Dorayda Igarza Ayala and Walter Jesús Cotarelo Carbonell join the list of the deserters of the Cuban mission in Brazil.

Their names were published by the Daily Official of the Union by reporting that they have been officially excluded from the program of collaboration, and their permission to practice medicine in South America has been suspended. The press release asserts the whereabouts of these Cubans are unknown; having won the esteem of the community in which they served they escaped their mission during carnival. Though this story of fleeing during carnival brings back memories of the spectacular poem Moncada “It was the morning of Santa Ana”, luckily for the doctors it wasn’t the same city nor the same people.

Translated by E.C and A.I

18 March 2014