Busy, But Not Lost / Regina Coyula

I haven’t repented, it’s that after walking around “the countries”; my house, largely torn up owing to renovations, has been, the poor thing, the principal beneficiary. We aren’t imagining grand things, it’s repairing ceilings, plumbing, a broken masonry wall that wasn’t on the list but occupied priority number one immediately, and giving my boy a door to his room for the privacy necessary for an adolescent. I’m among cement – bought legally – iron bars – the same – plumbers and a pretty stressed-out mason, in a little house like mine, these kinds of gifts are chaotic because everything stacks up and gets dirty. But like a friend told me: you’re lucky to have a house to repair. And without internet after having been in the world, disconnection punishes me harshly. So much silence doesn’t mean I might abandon the blog, but not only a live blog, although it might give me life. Then a month of making an extraordinary life, routine will seize me again as a final end to my constructive experience.

For those who asked and also for those who felt curiosity, my trip was of an absolute normalcy. In leaving I expected questions, inquiries. Nothing. “On my return,” I told myself. Nothing. Well, almost nothing, thanks to some sausages without gluten for my celiac brothers, but just as tasty anyway, I passed through Customs at an explosive speed. I didn’t bribe anybody, I came prepared to pay what I had to pay, but the attractive sausages of “The English Court” recently bought on the morning of the same day opened doors for me without having to say a word. We’re in Cuba now, I said to my husband.

Translated by: JT

June 24 2011