Brave and Opportune Decision / Jorge Luis García Pérez Antunez

Jonniel Rodríguez Riverol, in the orange T-Shirt

A group of Santería practitioners from Placetas, as a sign of will, independence and a liberating spirit, have decided to shortly appoint a group independent of state control, which so far they have agreed to call the Independent Yoruba Association.

It will be headed by the priest of that African religion Jonniel Rodríguez Riveról, initiated in the Ollá orisha worship called Ollálarde.

The commissars of the political police are doubly alarmed by this situation. In the first place because it extends independent civil society in ways that group them beyond their ethnicity, and especially because most of this group are open political opponents of the regime and many have participated and engaged in acts of protest and civil disobedience.

They are said to have lost their fear of tyranny and its repressive methods. Rodriguez Riverol will very soon have a twitter account called @yorubalibre which will be accessible to colleagues anywhere in the world to exchange information, experiences and especially experiences from here, where freedom of thought, expression and religion is massively violated.

Congratulations to these Free Yorubas whose vice president will be Loreto Hernández García. Great success in your noble enterprise.

February 15 2012