Bad Policy / Mackandal – Manuel Aguirre Lavarrere

Cubans get up and go to bed with politics. In Cuba, politics, far from being an exercise of citizenship, is a way of life and a must to get to the Party’s lines.  It has always been like this in the past; the only difference is that today’s politics and politicians pull altogether to one side.

In Cuba, it is the State that sets the tone for what is right and what is wrong, for what can be said or what cannot be said, and even for the appropriate times to say it. Whatever time and space are given to the individual cannot affect in the least the official discourse, which is ultimately what must prevail over the will of the citizens.

In other words, sovereignty is defined by what the State dictates. What the citizens should say or not must always match the interests of the State itself, the sovereign State.

Therefore, a society where universal and fundamental human rights are continuously violated and the constant threat to the internal dissidence is torment, full of slanders and physical abuses against people who only use words as weapons and their right to disagree, has to recourse to bad politics and lies.  It has to distort history and count on the few intellectuals who, as paid assassins, are willing to subordinate their pens and knowledge to the service of deprivation.

The entire Cuban population is subjected to that.  Blacks and mestizos, despite the few existent benefits, like the education system, can educate themselves and graduate. The educational balance is even, and this has been demonstrated in recent studies; however, in regards to everything else, blacks cannot count on the same benefits that whites count on.

In the past, it was the fear of blacks. Today, the racial prejudices have not been overcome. Skin color, resentment, hatred and distrust, inevitably contribute to the exclusion of blacks, when the control of the political, social, economic and cultural arenas of the nation is in the hands of one single race, that at the same time tries to neutralize the aspirations of blacks to progress, and like it has always been, it makes blacks to become dependent human beings, with no rights but to obey the white racist regime.

Translated by Chabeli

Published by Spring Digital, 05/04/2012.