Art on the Streets of Havana / Wendy Iriepa and Ignacio Estrada

Arte en La Calle (1)

Arte en La Calle (2)

Arte en La Calle (3)

Arte en La Calle (4)

The images we publish today, were taken through the lens of my camera on our walk down Obispo Street last Sunday. The Art of Mime is a must-see for those strolling down this central artery of the oldest part of Havana.

For Cubans and foreigners alike, the presence of the mimes is something new to the streets of Havana. Pirates with chests on their shoulder, fictional gunslingers, clowns and even those who pretend to come from the far east, are some of the most seen and applauded by those who appreciate the art that has never before been seen on our streets.

The resurgence of these mimes or performing artists, is due to the reforms of the Cuban economic model. These artists pay a fee to exercise their work and what they collect becomes their earned salary. In speaking with one of the performers, he commented that what concerns them is that despite their contribution they have nowhere to buy the supplies they need to refine their craft. He also said that many Cubans refuse to pay to photograph the characters they create.

When in the presence of these artists of the streets of Havana, give them a hats off and recognize them as part of the resurgence of a new community that stands today.

Translated by: Hillarie T.

April 16 2012