Antunez and His Wife Arrested and Disappeared

Iris Tamara Perez, center, and Jorge Luis García (Antúnez), right
Iris Tamara Perez, center, and Jorge Luis García (Antúnez), right

CUBANET – The house of opposition leader Jorge Luis García (Antúnez) has just been sacked this morning after State Security foreces (political police) carried off him and his wife, Iris Tamara Perez, as well as the noted activist’s brother Loreto Garcia, and his wife as well Donaida González Paseiro.

The events occurred in the morning in the town of Placetas, in Santa Clara province. According to exclusive reports from the Human Rights Activist on the island, Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello, the house was taken by agents looted, and painted with blue oil point on the outside. In the absence of Antunez and his wife they stole a flat-screen television, fixed line telephone, computers, printer, scanner, suitcases with clothes, shoes, as well as  diplomas Antunez had received on his recent trip to the United States for being an open and constant fighter, documents that were hung on the walls.

After the arrest, according to Roque Cabello, the government’s paramilitary mobs held a rally and an act of repudiation, a common practice of the dictatorship since the ‘80s, the purpose of which is to publicly humiliate people.

Of those arrested , Antunez ‘s brother, Loreto Garcia, has already been released and it is he who is narrating what happened, according to Roque Cabello.

The whereabouts of Antunez and his wife, at the time of this writing, are still unknown.

Roque Cabello , who knows perfectly the ways of the State Security , believes that looting with impunity will be a standard practice going forward in the life of opponents.

Jorge Luis Garcia (Antúnez) and his wife returned to the island last December 31, after an intense tour of the United States, where they shared an agenda with the opposition in exile.

5 February 2014