And You, What Are You Laughing At? / Rebeca Monzo

Photo, Rebeca

This was the name of a popular TV comedy show on my planet. Although I assure you that for me, the star of comedy is the national television news. When I manage to tie myself to the armchair, to watch ten minutes of this program, the question in the title of this post is what comes to mind.

I don’t know if I’m more surprised or indignant, to see and hear how people criticize, especially the neighbor across the street. One of the things in the news that has provoked the most comment these days has been the famous billboard on Eighth Street in Miami where the “five heroes” appear, which lasted less time “than a meringue at the door of a school” due to pressure and outrage from the Cuban community in exile.

This is intolerance, it’s true, but to talk about the speck in your neighbor’s eye while missing the log in your own, annoys me much more. I would like to know if, here on my little planet, they would allow someone to put up a billboard asking for freedom for the political prisoners who still languish in their cells in unsanitary conditions with nothing. The difference is that those on the billboard in Miami play chess on the internet and have all kinds of resources and good sanitation, beyond what those here can even dream of.

I would wish that they would want the same things for them, that people here are equally deserving of fair and humane treatment.

I ask for nothing for myself, as some religious people on my planet would say, that I do not also ask for you.

January 18 2011