An Outdated Parade / Fernando Dámaso

Among the activities planned for this coming April 16, there is a parade, an activity increasingly remote in recent years, on the official calendar. Military parades usually are held for one reason: to make a show of force. This  could this be directed inward or outward and sometimes in both directions. The time devoted to preparation (one month, with practices in the Plaza), confirms the importance accorded to it.

If its reason corresponds to the first variant, it would be good to remember when it comes time for the truth, that the majority of the military are with the people, of whom they are a part. To remember the armies of the countries of Eastern Europe, led by the former USSR, with thousands of generals, commissioners and political and party organizations, joined their citizens during the changes. Closer in time, the armies in Tunisia and Egypt were also on the side of those who demanded changes.

If their reason corresponds to the second variant, to think that old recycled weapons can impress the alleged eternal enemy, is as absurd as to foresee a war, which has been fifty-two years waiting on the sidelines. And very few still really believe in the story of “Here comes the wolf”! Besides, everyone knows that when the wolf decides to go somewhere, it is very difficult to stop it. The events of recent years prove it.

If its reason is the third alternative, then an act is just more propaganda directed at unconditional friends, to continue sleeping on the same side, as they have been doing for years, hose security forces who have been specially invited for years and who, later, make profound statements of solidarity. It is simply offering a circus when bread is scarce.

The tragic fact is that, when making continuous calls to saving, austerity, the optimal use of time and work, work, work, considerable human and material resources are squandered which could well be used for more useful and necessary tasks. It would be healthy if strength was demonstrated through respect for all views, including differences, and creating a climate of social peace, where all Cubans could take place as citizens without having to emigrate, bringing their talents and efforts to bear for the good of the nation.

April 11 2011