A List of 20 Alleged Cuban Repressors is Published in the United States

The director and president of the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba, Tony Costa, during the ceremony this Thursday in Miami, Florida (USA). (EFE / Ana Mengotti)

14ymedio biggerEFE (via 14ymedio), Miami, 16 February 2023 –On Thursday, in Miami, the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (FHRC) released a list of “20 repressors of the Cuban dictatorship” who are in the United States, in order to contribute to the end of impunity and not, it says, to encourage “hate crimes.”

Among those included in the list, all of them arrived in the US in the last year and a half, there are several identified as participants in the repression unleashed as a result of the peaceful protests of July 11, 2021 in Cuba, as announced in a press conference.

The foundation’s investigation has so far led to four formal complaints before the courts, the last one made by Idael Ramos Rodríguez who, on Thrusday, signed the sworn statement required to denounce these individuals and encouraged others to do so, although he said that he does not rule out that they could suffer retaliation.

The person denounced by this young man, who arrived in the US in May 2022, is a former police officer, Daniel Alejandro Gutiérrez Cruz, known as El Perrero and who arrived in the US last month on a raft, according to the complaint.

Curiously, he is accused of chasing with dogs those who tried to leave the country illegally at night along the beaches of Corralillo, on the north coast of Cuba.

The accusation that will be brought against him in the Miami courts will be for an alleged immigration crime, not for the crimes against human rights that he allegedly committed in Cuba, the Foundation’s spokespersons specified.

Pedro Rodríguez and Tony Costa, director and president of the Foundation, respectively, pointed out that in order to obtain permission to enter the United States, a questionnaire must be answered that contains at least four questions, including one about belonging to a communist party, to which the 20 must have responded with “lies” if they were given the “green light.”

The list presented includes former prosecutors, police officers, jailers and Interior Ministry officials, as well as former coordinators of medical missions abroad and other “white glove” repressors, according to former Cuban politician and journalist Rolando Cartaya, who leads the “Cuban Repressors” effort.

Each piece of information they receive about the presence of an alleged repressor in the United States is investigated and, if it is not just “gossip” and is proven, the members of the program contact the person.

Names on the list include Daniel Alejandro Gutiérrez Cruz, Yaima Camba Rodríguez, Maray Suárez Rodríguez, Iran (or Iram) Septiem Suárez, Bruce Iam González Marrero, Yosbel Nieves Regalado, Raúl Omar Rodríguez Gracia and Yerandy Martín González.

Also on the list are, Celaida Gil Villarreal, Manuel Santos Rodríguez, Raudel Moreno Bergolla, Susel Álvarez Tasses, Reiner Dueñas Noda, Adrián Rodríguez Santana, Yoel Vázquez Ortiz, Yaíma Salomón Torres, Orlando Nápoles Sánchez, Lyomaris Vara Fuentes, María Antonia Guerrero Tellería and Lester Amaury Martínez Quintana.


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