A Different Sunday / Rebeca Monzo

Sala Covarrubias, National Theater

This Sunday would have been tedious and boring like all the rest, if we hadn’t gotten an unexpected and agreeable invitation: Evelio Tieles and Francis, his wife, called to invite us to  a great concert being given in the Covarrubias Room of the National Theater.

We arrived early, a little before eleven in the morning, the hour scheduled for the even to start. The theater is usually full, moreso when the National Symphony announces a virtuoso like Tieles as the soloist. A real treat on a planet where good choices are few.

National Symphony Theater and the Maestro Evelio Tieles

The room was completely full. For the opening the orchestra directed by the Maestro Enrique Perez Mesa honored us with the Simple Symphony by Benjamin Britten. Spectacularly well executed.

In the second half: the only Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in D major, Op.61 by Ludwig van Beethoven. Evelio Tieles soloist.

The audience enthusiastic, a standing ovation for the orchestra, its director and Maestro Tieles, making them return to bow several times. The applause did not stop in appreciation of such a wonderful morning gift.

January 11 2011