A Bit More of “Not For Your Tender Ears” / Regina Coyula

Photo EFE

With some stoicism, I followed through the TV the happenings of the Party Congress. In addition to the economic guidelines, not much has been seen. Like the presentation of the Central Committee and Political Bureau.

– So many years in power and they have not learned that the appointments must obey ability, not the fact of being young, female or black. Contributions to seek a representation that does not correspond to reality. Women and blacks still are at disadvantage, although the laws are still punishing discrimination. Because of that we have to go to the social causes, a theme (another one) that is not being solved. And certainly won’t be related to statistics.

– They approved the exit of officials after two terms. It seems that experience convinced them of the danger of a prolonged stay in public office. The previous leaders do not count.

– Even for a party’s process the closed nomination is a questionable method of transparency, even when you vote and there is a secret ballot.

I cannot understand this congress which faded the most memorable impression in the population which is that he can’t elect himself again, it can only be done for two terms, and above all, that housing may be sold legally. If I were serious, I would have focused on the lack of members to take over, evidence of failure of the management of the party’s leadership in the country. I don’t feel that decisions made with raised hands like in a deja vu will substantially change my life. I had no expectations, so I have none of the bewilderment of those who expected major changes. It is, as I was told when I was a kid: This is for grown ups, it’s not for your tender ears.

Translated by: L. Rodriguez

April 22 2011