14ymedio’s Most Read Stories of 2016

Young girls in Cuba

This list of most-read articles presents an interesting window into 2016-in-Review, at least in the eyes of 14ymedio‘s readers.

Antonio de la Guardia and Arnaldo Ochoa during their trial for drug trafficking in 1988. (CodigoAbierto)

Fidel Castro Sent My Father to the Firing Squad; I Do Not Regret the Tyrant’s Death / Ileana de la Guardia Read it Here

Fidel Castro celebrates his 90th birthday in the Karl Marx Theatre.

The Ancient Dictator Died Long Ago / Miriam Celaya Read it Here

President Raul Castro with Carlos Lage, then vice president, when everything was still complicity. (EFE)

Away From “The Honey Of Power” Carlos Lage Focuses On Fighting Mosquitoes / Zunilda Mata Read it Here

The Cuban government continues to deny the existence of child prostitution in Cuba beyond isolated cases.(EFE)

Girls For Sale / Pedro Acosta Read it Here

Barack Obama with his family on their tour around Old Havana (Yenny Muñoa / CubaMINREX)

President Barack Obama Arrives in Cuba / 14ymedio

Note: This article was not translated. Three other articles from 14ymedio about Obama’s arrival in Havana can be read here:

Fidel Castro promoting the 10 million ton of sugar harvest from 1969 to 1970. (Archive)

Fidel Castro’s 13 Most Notorious Failures / Zunilda Mata Read it Here

Former president Fidel Castro with a “Queen” brand pressure cooker, made in China. (EFE)

Recipe For Forgetting Fidel Castro / Yoani Sanchez Read it Here

#YoNoSoyExCubano: Milkos Danilo Sosa Molina, a young Cuban resident in Miami responds to Randy Alonso. (Courtesy)

Social Networks Respond To Randy Alonso: I-Am-Not-Ex-Cuban / Mario Penton Read it Here

Venezuelan Passport

Panama Papers Reveal That Cuba Controls the Passport System in Venezuela Read it Here

Havana International School on 18th Street in Miramar

The School for Others / Luz Escobar Read it Here

Dozens of people who lost their homes received one of these houses made of PVC, as the result of an agreement between Cuba and Venezuela. (14ymedio)

The ‘Oil-Houses’ Are Falling Apart / Reinaldo Escobar Read it Here

The Latin American Stadium has seen major repairs for Obama’s visit (14ymedio)

It is Forbidden to Applaud Obama at the Baseball Game Read it Here

Gangs are usually made up of children, often under age 14 (Frame / ARTE)

Gang Warfare In Havana / 14ymedio, Eliecer Avila  Read it Here