With Regards to the New Flotilla that Came Today To Salute Us / Mario Barroso

One of the flotilla boats. Photo: Miami Herald

This has been given to me from the blog of a fellow pastor who identifies himself as Miqueas de Roca:

“I do not use electrical cords for this…”

This story was also told me by a good friend, who although he is not a pastor, is a sincere and faithful Christian, of one of those heroic Cuban congregations.

As everyone knows, except of course (!) the majority of ordinary Cubans, on October 9, 2011, eve of International Human Rights Day, a flotilla sailed from Miami in yachts with some of us who live there, on the north side of the Florida Straits, with the simple proposition of showing a little solidarity with our compatriots, who live south of the Straits, on the Island kidnapped and raped by the “terror twins”; a greeting for such an important and relevant “Day.”

But it seems that the little brothers are not only bothered by airplanes*, boats worry them as well, whether those who leave in search of freedom (do you remember the “13 de Marzo” Tugboat incident, or the massacre of Rio Canimar?), but also those who bring freedom.  Do the “twins” believe… that only they have the right to board a ship and fight for freedom?

OK fine, they (the “twins”… of course!) orchestrated an interesting campaign within the Island in which their agents in the neighborhoods started to encourage the young people to go to the Havana Malecon and throw themselves in the sea to meet our boats that would take them safe and sound to the American coast.

At the same time, the official agents, those who dress in the green suits that are the fashion of ’50s era dictators, started to visit some workplaces, directing the workers to go to the Havana Malecon after the workday and fight against this new “crude imperialist aggression.” To do this they gave the men some pieces of thick electrical cable about 30 inches long, to beat all the people they saw trying to throw themselves into the sea. Then, my friend, one of those men of dignity who still remain in Cuba told the agents, “I am an electrician and, of course, I use electrical cables, but not for that.”

And so it goes in the XXI Century on the Island of the Castros.

*Translator’s note: A reference to the Brothers to the Rescue planes shot down by Cuba.

March 27 2012