With Feet Firmly on the Ground / IntraMuros

By Sironay González Rodríguez

One could say that the vast majority of Cubans are seriously concerned about the unsupportable reality of our present and the blurred vision of the future of Socialist Cuba. Those who apparently fell asleep in the arms of compliance bristle at the idea that the political system now governing us cannot last much longer.

It is Cuba’s present and future that should be important now, principally to the leaders of our nation. Our past struggles for independence and against old dictatorships should serve us to learn from the mistakes made and to remind us that we Cubans defend our rights at any price, which seems to have been forgotten.

Unfortunately, those responsible for the direction of the country are still living in the Sierra Maestra. They have not come down to solve our problems.

I congratulate them on their victories and achievements of 50 years ago, though I don’t know if I thank them, ut we have problems that must be solved with feet firmly planted on the ground.

November 4, 2010