We All March (#Todosmarchamos) for No Violence (#NOviolencia) in Cuba (#Cuba). Stop the Violence! (#stopviolence) / Somos+

Note: The text below is a transcript of the video

Somos+, 12 July 2015 — Violence (#violencia) is the fear of others’ ideas, and the lack of faith in one’s own. All the force of reason fits in a word, in arguments. That will always be the weapon of our movement.

Some think that a punch is worth a thousand words. They believe they can impose themselves by force and get away with it. They think they can silence their critics, putting the truth behind bars. To those who are willing to suffocate thought with bloodshed, we say: No to violence! No to violence! No to violence!

Why not publicly debate your critics? That is the most noble, fair, and transparent action. Why not leave it to the majority to judge the strength and fairness of arguments and ideas? That is truly revolutionary. In contrast, beating and abusing those who are physically weaker is the most disgraceful option; there is no justice in beatings. We invite those who have stained their fists with Cuban blood to come to understand the love we feel for our country. To be embraced by our desires for a Cuba prosperous, peaceful, and with freedom of expression. Where no one gets beaten to silence their arguments.

We (#Somos+) are those who want to rebuild our country in love and not violence. No to social violence! No to political violence! No to violence! (#noalaviolenciavideo).