Was Translating Cuba Punked?

On April 8 of this year we welcomed “Yusnaby Perez” to the Translating Cuba family.  On April 26, after an avalanche of rumors about his identity (and his very existence as an individual human being), we asked “Yusnaby” to give us a “proof of life” and, while waiting to receive this, ceased to translate his posts.

Today “Yusnaby” has closed his blog “for now.” While we were never able to confirm his existence through friends in Havana — people he was rumored to claim to know had never met him — likewise, we have not been able to confirm his “non-existence” and who (singular or plural) might be the person/people behind the blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

If and when there is more to this story, we will bring it to you, our readers. In the meantime, like this ephemeral blogger, we will simply say, that’s all “for now.”

Translating Cuba

3 May 2013