Urgent Communication: Angel Santiesteban Transferred to Unknown Destination

In a new display of arbitrariness and arrogance ordered by those to whom the Cuban people have been subjected for over half a century, Angel Santiesteban was transferred from Prison 1580 to an unknown location. That was the gift the Castro dictatorship had in store for August 2, his birthday, thus preventing mass demonstrations of affection from his many colleagues who know how to appreciate and admire him deeply.

Angel had been “authorized” to make a few seconds call in which only managed to notify a relative that they had moved him, and in the background a voice could be heard ordering him to cut the line, as if he were a hostage attesting to life.

As we said yesterday, dear Angel celebrated his birthday more loved and cared for than ever, the less the regime likes it, the more they ordered his transfer.

Raul Castro Ruz, you and all your minions are directly responsible for the security and integrity of Ángel Santiesteban-Prats. Please note that we have filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission and we have asked for precautionary measures.

Raul Castro Ruz, there is only one step you should take, and that is to enforce the law, and to acquit Angel of the judicial farce that railroaded him.

The Editors

3 August 2013