Translators and Readers… Thank you for your patience! / Translating Cuba

The person who manages this blog has been traveling for the last couple of weeks… in MODERN, WIRED, EUROPEAN COUNTRIES… and has had a “dongle” (mobile internet) and stayed in places supposedly offering “hi-speed internet,” in addition to visiting cafes, libraries etc. when all of the above failed.

The long and short of it is, my access has been terrible, at times completely impossible. Nothing seems to work reliably.

Saving a miracle from the internet fairy, this situation will continue for about one more week… and then, hopefully, things will return to normal.

To the translators in particular, who have sometimes waited more than a day to see your work appear, thank you for continuing to translate! And because I barely have enough internet time to post, and almost none to do my own translations, thank you for your prolific output, which is the only thing that’s keeping this site active at all.