They say, and the lies aren’t mine / Rodrigo Chavez Rodriguez, Cuban Law Association

Photo: Marcelo López

Rodrigo Chavez Rodriguez, Attorney

Ask an ordinary citizen for their rights, it would be like asking how far Mars is from Earth, it would be impossible to get a precise answer, clear and consistent, but if you asked for a list of what is prohibited, they could spend a long time reciting a list.

It seems that every agricultural enterprise more than met its production plan, but when we go to the markets and see what products are available, at first we’re stunned and have to be brought back to reality, the prices of these products are so stunning and unchanging.

“Everything it guaranteed for the start of the school year,” they say, and before the end of the first quarter there aren’t enough supplies for the students. There are shortages of books, pencils, rules, gas to cook the food, and fuel to transport the personal, there is a lack of teachers, etc.

“We built a bakery with modern equipment that will guarantee the production and quality of the bread,” but soon there is neither one, because “our daily bread” is permanently in the sights of all the customers, a constant target in their complaints.

“We built a bakery, with modern equipment, which will ensure the production and quality of bread”, soon neither one nor the other, for “our daily bread” is constantly targeted by all white consumers and constant complaints from the population.

“Students who graduate from this course are guaranteed placement in a job.” How stark is the reality, when they make the laws ordering a restructuring of the workforce, which is why hundreds of workers have been declared “available.” What’s the difference between “available” and “unemployed”?

“The state has spent or invested significant resources to stabilize public transportation,” but even so there are no spare parts, supplies, fuel.

So then, did you know that the national coffee production plan has not been met? And how, then, is it possible that the plan to export coffee has been met?

Many of us have heard the disrespectful phrase “do more with less.” Aware that, when there are no resources, it’s possible to have the information and knowledge needed to act, but every day we are farther from thinking and acting freely and from their respecting our human and constitutional rights. For them to defend action, it must be doing more with more and not with less; and every day more, with less outrage, less injustice, less violations.