The United States Offers Scholarships for Young Musicians From 54 Countries, Including Cuba

OneBeat 2021 Participants. (U.S. Consulate in Brazil)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 1 September 2023 — The Office of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State announced the call for the OneBeat scholarship, for 50 musicians between the ages of 19 and 35 from 54 countries, including Cuba. Those chosen will have all expenses covered during their stay in the United States, distributed in the months of April and September 2024.

The program, which is presented as an opportunity to influence the communities of origin of the participants, promote civic rights and democracy and develop cultural exchanges and individual identities, is open to countries from all continents, including Venezuela, Haiti, Bolivia and Cuba, in addition to Russia, Ukraine, Iraq and Israel, among others.

As prerequisites for acceptance, the creators must have a good command of English and skills for composition, performance and improvisation, as well as an “interest in crossing cultural and musical barriers to create original music or reinterpret traditional music, respecting the essence of each tradition.” The social impact of their previous work is also a plus point for candidates.

OneBeat will also bear the travel expenses, stay and a “modest stipend” for the daily life of the scholarship recipients

OneBeat will also bear the travel expenses, stay and a “modest stipend” for the daily life of the scholarship recipients, who will be able to interact with local musicians, conduct workshops and “delineate their plan for the future.”

The scholarship will conclude with a tour of different cities in the United States in which the original pieces conceived during the program will be presented, and it is expected that, on return to their countries of origin, the recipients will implement initiatives that demonstrate their “social commitment through art.”

“For more than a decade, OneBeat has redefined musical diplomacy through a series of programs that use collaborative musical creation as a civic discourse. Young musicians from around the world explore how artists, communities and institutions can work together to rejuvenate local economies through music, technology and the creative arts,” the statement summarizes.

Since its third edition, in 2014, the program has counted among its participants Cuban artists such as the flautist Haydée López, the drummer Rodney Barreto, the rapper Rolando Navarrete, the guitarist Millet Padrón, the percussionist Degnis Bofill and the composer José Gavilondo, all from Havana, as well as the rapper Kamerum.Cuba, from Santiago de Cuba.

Most of these musicians today live outside the Island, touring around the world or permanently residing in other countries.

Translated by Regina Anavy


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