The Road / Cuban Law Association, Wilfredo Vallin Almeida

By Wilfredo Vallín Almeida

On March 2, lawyers for the Cuban Law Association (AJC) delivered in the afternoon, a new Remedy of Appeal to the Minister of Justice in response to Resolution No.1 of 2012 denying the application for the establishment of our Association.

Thus begins a new phase in the already lengthy process of legalizing the association truly independent Cuban jurists.

We do not call on deception and false expectations. We know perfectly well the considerations that affect us and the precedent that such legalization would create in the country.

We also know the essence of a system that has the vital need to know and control, down to the smallest detail, the lives of its citizens.

However, in a previous post that I titled “Arduous Task” that I wrote after receipt of Resolution No. 1 of the Ministry of Justice, I presented our views on how difficult it would be to demonstrate the rational to the official authorities to show that law, their own law, is with this.

The answer we now send and that our readers that can read on the blog of the Association – and in which the Board of the AJC and other scholars of our subsidiary in Havana participated – has been described as legally technically impeccable by other lawyers.

It is therefore abundantly clear and palpable, even for those without legal training, that to disallow us will be very difficult, as to do so would not pass the test of meeting all reasonable legal considerations.

If the end result of this chapter does not play out in our favor, we shal say then with Miguel de Unamuno:

“We shall overcome because you have more than enough brute force, but you do not convince. To convince is to persuade, and to persuade you need something that you lack: reason and right.”

In any event, whatever happens now, it will not be the end of the story. As we have said before, it is just another step on the road to exhaust domestic remedies.

5 March 2012