The Repressor of Mrs. Nereida Ganuza in Santa Clara Lives on Dollars Sent From the United States / Jorge Luis García Pérez Antunez

It is a shame that those who lend themselves to punish members of the Resistance in Cuba, are maintained by dollars from what they call “Yankee imperialism.” Nereida Ganuza Santos has beaten Idania Yanez Contreras and Jazmín Conlledo Riverón, and has performed with her mother other acts of aggression and hate against peaceful Cuban human rights defenders. Her brother Eloy Santos Ganuza is in Miami and is a producer of programs on Channel 41. Personally I sent a letter to the Misters Romay, owners of that channel, to report these facts and so far I have not received a response. We do not tell anyone not to send help to his family, but at least we ask them not to lend themselves to repression and perpetuating injustice in Cuba.

Now the family of Santos Ganuza lends itself to a new hoax in complicity with State Security they created a scenario to repress the representative of the Ladies in White in Santa Clara, Jazmín Conlledo Riverón, who was attacked in the street by Nereida Ganuza Santos. Jazmín now remains in a cell, with threat of prosecution, and Ganuza Santos walks with a cast on her arm blaming Jazmín.

How long will the defenders of human rights in Cuba be unjustly accused, being the real victims of repression? How long will there be impunity and a double standard in Cuba? How long can we who are fighting sacrificially in Cuba withstand people coming from the free world, coming to our country to feed the front men from the tyranny of the Castro brothers?

Here is the audio of people who, since late December 2011, have denounced this situation.
January 11 2012