The Order To Kill a Serial Killer / Angel Santiesteban

Ángel Santiesteban-Prats, Prison Border Unit, Havana, 13 April 2015 –– I declare myself the enemy of any act that generates violence, above all those where lives are snuffed out. In the recently concluded Summit of the Americas in Panama, the gang sent by Cuba to violently destabilize the forums that they could not once again manipulate, inflicted beatings.

One of the justifications was the presence of Felix Rodriguez, who was in charge of the capture of Ernesto Guevara (as the Cuban writer Felix Luis Viera says: I say his name and not his nickname because he was not your friend, let alone mine), and who also gave the order to execute the guerrilla commander, who like the phrase “He who lives by the sword dies by the sword,” received the same formula that he sometimes used, as when he arrived at La Cabaña in 1959, where he caused rivers of blood to flow in the trenches of that fortress, built during colonial times to protect from the attacks of privateers and pirates, without giving the condemned the opportunity to receive a defense by lawyers representing them in a fair trial.

It is also true (without intending to defend anyone, because one life is worth as much as thousands), that in ten lifetimes Felix Rodriguez could not match the number of dead that the Argentine commander dispatched by the firing squad.

Every time I see a person wearing the guerrilla’s image, I wonder if they are naive or if they know the rap sheet of cold-blooded murders that he authorized and committed, as recounted in the book by commander Benigno.

The official delegation of the Castro regime shamelessly displayed the flag, making it a shame for all Cubans.

Ángel Santiesteban-Prats

April 13, 2015, Border Prison Unit, Havana