The Official Newspaper of Las Tunas Describes the Low Productivity of Companies As ‘Stealing From the State’

Mercasa Commerce, in Las Tunas. (Periódico 26)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Madrid, 3 October 2023 — “The first eight months of the year were bad for the economy of Las Tunas,” summarizes the provincial newspaper Periódico 26. To no surprise, the numbers make an impact. Of the 41 state-owned companies in the territory, 21 had lost more than 300 million pesos by the end of August. The forecasts of net sales were met by only 83.4%, which translated into an impact on the budget of 145 million pesos. Returns, discounts and damaged products accounted for the difference with gross sales.

The most serious losses were in the Commerce sector, where seven companies lost 169 million pesos. Distant, but still prominent, were Gastronomy and Accommodations, which were short by 29 million pesos. The article from the official newspaper does not hesitate to admonish workers and managers about the consequences of mismanagement.

In the review of the economic situation, there is also talk of profits (20 companies failed to meet the forecasts) and salaries paid without the corresponding productivity. The article warns of the serious consequences of this decision, which “constitutes a serious indiscipline, and even a crime because sums of money are unduly disbursed.”

In total, 80 million pesos were paid in salaries between January and August of this year without the corresponding productivity, a practice that contributes, the newspaper states, to increasing inflation

In total, 80 million pesos were in salaries paid between January and August of this year without the corresponding productivity, a practice that contributes, the newspaper states, to increasing inflation, since it increases the money available in workers’ pockets, causing an escalation of prices, a vicious circle.

“More clearly: when you pay for work that was not done, you are stealing from the State,” says Periódico 26, which unrelentingly accuses the entire chain of command of each work center, especially because of the repeated situation.

In January 2023, according to the newspaper, 25 Las Tunas companies paid out almost 30 million pesos without the corresponding productivity. “It seems that no one answers for the state money.”

The directors have alleged, it follows from the article, that the companies have to pay more to retain workers, especially the most qualified. The flight of employees, especially from the state sector, either by emigration or by displacement to the private sector, where they earn more money, is affecting the workforce throughout the Island. This, the managers have argued, has an impact on production, since there are fewer people in the work force and no ability to hire more.

However, the official newspaper says that these are not valid justifications. “We have to find formulas to reorient the work and have other options that allow us to sustain wages,” it urges.

“There is a lot of irrationality in the use of the workforce and resources, little analysis and a lot of negligence,” said Ernesto Luis Cruz Reyes, deputy governor of Las Tunas, who again resorted to mere desire to solve the serious problems that affect the Cuban economy.

“If those deficiencies are eliminated and those responsible are held accountable, the indicators would show it. And we have to achieve that,” he said.

Translated by Regina Anavy


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