The “Mea Culpa“ / Rebeca Monzo

On page 10, national news, in the Granma newspaper of Friday, June 22, in the Letters to the Editor section, there is a letter signed by J. Llorente Lopez titled: Nevertheless, Raul speaks to us in Spanish!

The topic is the implementation of the update of our economic system.

First, I’m shocked that this gentleman refers to the economy, in a country where it is practically nonexistent.

If we’d done everything the leader of the Revolution has been indicating to us for years, many measures that we are now forced to apply to save our Revolutionary process, including some not very popular ones, wouldn’t have been necessary.

The way he expresses himself, this gentleman is or was a leader. Then, where was he when the brilliant ideas they now talk to us so much about were being badly applied?

Further along in his long letter he says: Raul calls the the elimination of the bureaucracy, procedures to relieve the population, to resolve the problems we now have of indiscipline and disorganization, to resolve the salary problem.

Again, I ask you: Who increased the bureaucracy, creating three and four seats or jobs where one qualified and efficient person, someone who did their work, would have been sufficient?

Who structured and created countless office procedures to resolve every type of management? From a simple prescription, a ticket, buying a school uniform, obtaining a birth certificate, to the simplest process, to name just a few, such that they all require navigating a labyrinth with the usual loss of time and a inexcusable physical and mental exhaustion.

Who lowered wages and disproportionately and excessively increased the price of food and necessities? Who established as a standard using two currencies?

Mr. Llorente, I speak Spanish, and I think it is quite clear. With all due respect, if you actually exist, I say that I as a simple citizen of this country, I am not guilty of these measures taken and implemented without popular consultation.

During all these years, these same characters who now pose everything you stated in your letter, have been and are the most responsible given their posts and positions held, to comply with and enforce all such brilliant ideas to which you alluded. If you consider the mea culpa accepted, I do not.

July 31 2011