The Havana of Trades / Luis Felipe Rojas

309459-1369494950-0-lThe still man. A vendor of images, a being who poses for entertainment of others. The image of the type petrified against the walls of this city that we lose and win daily in the image, in the memory, in the myth of a Havana that is no more because every day it is regenerated again and again.

309459-1369494950-1-lThe harlequin approaches and doesn’t ask, doesn’t beg. He is a man who like the light comes out to meet us so that we know life goes by and doesn’t, that life is a party that some just totally believe in. 309459-1369494950-2-lThe guard snoozes amidst the Havana torpor. Under the soft foliage of O ‘Reylli Street, the model cars, books and cookies under his custody were free at least once a day.

309459-1369494950-3-lWontons, delicious wontons to sweeten the taste buds. A few pass by and resist, very few at the delight of the taste, color, smell and sound of the rich cry, “Wooontoooons, yummy wooooontoooons!!!!”

309459-1369494950-4-lDepending on the region of Cuba, there are different names for the rich treat of ice sweetened with strawberry syrup, cola or even mint. When chopped ice and sweet wyrup is known as: “raya’o” slushie or frappe.

28 May 2013