The Families of Cuban Political Prisoners Will Speak Live on December 10

Andy García Lorenzo’s family is one of the most active champions of the cause for the liberation of those incarcerated from 11J. (Screen capture)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 9 December 2021 — A group of Cuban activists and influencers will broadcast live and simultaneously this Friday, International Human Rights Day, the event “The families of political prisoners in Cuba speak.”

The meeting, organized at the request of the family of Andy García Lorenzo, detained after the July 11 protests in Santa Clara and recently transferred to the Guamajal prison, Villa Clara, will take place at 2 pm local time.

The idea, explains the sister of the young prisoner, Roxana García, to 14ymedio  “is to make a direct broadcast in which all the families that want to can join, to speak, to express what they feel, to report whatever they want, all the violations that they are being committed against our families.”

According to the businesswoman Saily González, one of the participants through her networks, the live will continue uninterrupted until all the relatives who wish to participate and tell about their experience are interviewed.

To do this, they will also use CubaSpaces, which already broadcast on Twitter what happened on the island during November 14 and 15, when State Security thwarted the Civic March for Change organized by the Archipíelago platform.

In addition, the organizers say, there will also be “intermediate sections” for the participation of “other national and international initiatives to support Cuban political prisoners and their families.”

So far, the event will be broadcast on González’s profile on Facebook and the YouTube channels of the Andy García family, the director Ian Padrón, Eliécer Ávila, Luis Dener, Guena Rod and La Familia Pérez.

Other artists, such as Claudia Valdés and Yotuel Romero, have also offered their support to publicize the broadcast.

Andy García Lorenzo’s family is one of the most active champions of the cause for the liberation of those incarcerated from 11J. A few days ago, they placed a poster on the roof of their house in Santa Clara demanding the freedom of the political prisoner, and on November 15 they staged a protest in front of the door of their house that was answered with a prolonged act of repudiation .

“Everything we are doing with Andy is very important to us,” says Roxana García. “We are letting him know that as long as he has us as a family and as long as he is still in detention, we are not going to leave him alone.”

The young woman is aware that “the trials will soon be held,” but they are very clear about something: “No matter how long a prison sentence they ask for my brother, as long as he is deprived of his freedom, I am not going to shut up. Not me, not my parents, not my entire family.”


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