The Families of Four Cuban Political Prisoners in Santa Clara Demand to See Their Children

The family of Andy García Lorenzo, one of those detained on July 11th, with a sign asking for the release of the young man from Santa Clara. (Facebook)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, December 4, 2021 — The whereabouts of Andy García Lorenzo, José Miguel Gómez Monteja, Liván Hernández Salazar y Carlos Michael, detained in Santa Clara for participating in the peaceful protests on July 11th (11J), are unknown.

“They were transferred to an unknown location without providing information to their immediate family,” denounced Archipiélago in a statement on Friday, noting that this occurred “in the context of Miguel Díaz-Canel’s visit yesterday to Santa Clara.”

Andy García’s family placed, on the rooftop of their home in Santa Clara, a sign demanding freedom for the political prisoner. “We hold the State Security responsible for whatever physical or psychological harm my brother or any other prisoner suffers,” denounced Roxana García, Andy’s sister, this Friday in a brief video.

“They must tell us where he is, why they transferred him, what were the reasons,” demands the young lady, who along with other members of the family led a protest on November 15th (15N) outside their house, which was met with a prolonged, state-sponsored act of repudiation.

Andy García’s mother also demanded a response regarding the whereabouts of her son. “You took my emotional peace but you took my fear, you are rats, cowards, this sign will not be removed from this house,” she assured. “I demand to see my son, as a mother they cannot deny me that right, I will not be silenced.”

Recently, Roxana García and her husband, Jonatan López, launched an initiative to support families of the July 11th political prisoners in Santa Clara. The project, also supported by activist and Archipiélago member Saily González, seeks to help defray the cost of the food taken to jail at each visit.

“There are many prisoners who have never received a ’sack’ as it is referred to in the prison,” explained González in a Facebook video. “This is not just about the food they might receive, but also about the support from people outside, from their family and friends.”

For the young lady, it’s important to remember that “those people have been jailed since July 11th” because “they were the ones that went out to face the consequences.”

Translated by: Silvia Suárez


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