The Embarrassment / Enrique Del Risco

Silvio Rodriguez enlightens us about the Five Grey Years and the late censor Luis Pavón:

In the time when Pavon led the National Council of Culture, there was injustice with some writers and artists, because of narrow views. I believe his responsibility for that has been exaggerated. I think it is necessary to analyze what happened then more deeply, from various angles, not to fall into another kind of extremism. So as to someday be able to say, with foundation, that yes, there were mistakes, but it wasn’t all gray in those five years.

Silvio Rodriguez will remain as the Repairer of Five-Gray-Years. To you, the people who love him still, that man is screaming for euthanasia: that someone will take pity on him and save him from so much embarrassment.

From The Blog of Enrisco

28 May 2013