The Castro Media Way

Empty platforms in the EJT market on 17th and K streets in El Vedado (Havana, Cuba). (14ymedio)

14ymedio biggerAlexis Romay, New Jersey, 30 April 2022

All the news that’s fit to print
radio, newspapers —their trolls!—
in a never-ending sprint
that doesn’t mention or hint
at the truth, and talks all day
and all night, and gets away
with lies, alternative facts,


Tweet from the Minister of the Economy that inspired the author. Bold text: “Competent socialist state company”
Author’s note: This text is my recreation and condensation, in English, of my décimas published this week in the Spanish edition of 14ymedio. Remember, this post —part of Ideological Deviation, my weekly column— is considered a crime by the Cuban government.

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