The Body of the Missing Cuban Resident in the United States Is Found in Mayabeque

Yorjelguis Bolaños Fernández had been living in the United States for eight years. (Facebook)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 18 January 2024 — Yorjelguis Bolaños Fernández, the Cuban resident in the United States who disappeared on January 7 in Madruga (Mayabeque), was found dead this Wednesday. The news circulated for hours on social networks and was finally confirmed by his partner, Saray Calvo Marrero, through her Facebook profile.

“My darling, I will never forget you, this will affect me all my life.  I was more than your wife; it was you and I against the world,” she said in the early morning of Thursday with a heartfelt message asking that his death not go unpunished. “RIP my darling. I will always miss you.”

According to unconfirmed information, the body was found buried near the Institute of Animal Science (ICA), in San José de las Lajas, and the cause of death was stabbing.

According to unconfirmed information, the body was found buried near the Institute of Animal Science (ICA), in San José de las Lajas, and the cause of death was stabbing

The disappearance of Bolaños Fernández, 41 years old and father of three daughters, held the entire population of Madruga and its surroundings in suspense. Neighbors and relatives had joined an active search, going so far as to offer a reward of 3,000 dollars to anyone who had news about his whereabouts.

Bolaños, who lived in San Antonio (Texas) and whose mother had recently denied that he had U.S. nationality despite residing in that country for the last eight years, routinely traveled to the Island to visit his family. On January 7, he left his mother’s house around 11:00 pm, driving a blue vehicle from the 50s with registration P194951, which, according to information disseminated on social networks, later appeared completely dismantled and with blood stains.

The news was spread through social media, and photographs of people allegedly linked to the crime began to circulate. According to those rumors, on the 13th a woman was arrested – a friend of Bolaños – whose clothes appeared burned in the vehicle and who pointed to her own partner and another acquaintance, arrested this Wednesday.

The family had insistently asked that images, comments and unconfirmed news stop being shared on social networks, in particular to avoid harm to his daughters, all minors. “Have a little pity and put yourself in our place, what we want most is to have him with us again,” they requested without too much success.

He put up a kiosk for his mother and on Sunday at 11 p.m. went to make a sale, a relative told Martí Noticias   

“He put up a kiosk for his mother, and on Sunday at 11 p.m. went to make a sale” a relative told Martí Noticias. He was in his car, and it seems they were waiting for him; until today we hadn’t seen him.” The relative was convinced that robbery was the main motive for the disappearance, which had a fatal result.

At the moment, there is no official information regarding the case. The State media are waiting for the results of the investigation to make a report. This is what happened in 2022, when professor Santiago Morgado was murdered in Sancti Spíritus. The professor was the victim of a violent robbery and ended up dead after being beaten with a stick and stone. His body was found in a well three meters deep when his attackers had already sold the motorcycle they took from him for 200,000 pesos.

The independent press reported the disappearance and death of Morgado, which was reported in detail by the official media after the murderers were already in prison.

Translated by Regina Anavy


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