The Ant and the Elephant / Rebeca Monzo

An ant, shivering and sobbing, asks his friend the elephant, “Have you read today’s Granma newspaper?”

“No,” he replies, “What does it say?”

“They are going to sacrifice, starting this month, all the large animals to be able to feel the people,” answers the ant.

“What does this have to do with you? The one who should be afraid is me.”

“Yes!” answers the ant, “but the thing is the paper is always wrong!”

“We must do away with the old dogmatic mentality, we can not keep making mistakes,” Raul said at the recently ended National Assembly of Popular Power.

Hence the concern of the ant.

But I wonder: To what old dogmatic mentality is Raul referring to, if for fifty-two years they all formed a part of the same government?

“The migration and travel restrictions will change gradually, little by little, we are thinking about it a lot,” he said later.

Now this case seems to be an allusion to the elephant.

On the other hand, Ricardo Alarcon, President of the Assembly, calling for a unanimous vote, ruled on the demand the release of The Cuban Five. And I go back to question:

Is this perhaps the only problem in my beloved planet? What about the rest of the eleven million who live in captivity?

January 3 2012