Testimony of Maritza Pelegrino, wife of the dissident Wilman Villar, who died on a hunger strike

“They left him naked and handcuffed. They made him sleep handcuffed to a bed. Not wanting to wear the uniform of common prisoners, they put it on him by force and then hung his body with chains so that he could not remove it. They mistreated him, they beat him, and he told me, in front of them (the guards), that they had refused him water,” she said.

She said she asked several times for those responsible at Aguadores to take her husband to a hospital.

“They told me they were not going to get him medical attention, that if he died it was one more; that if he didn’t eat it was his problem, not theirs.”

According to Pelegrino, on one occasion she refused to leave the prison until they gave (her husband) Villar Mendoza medical attention.

“They told me, ‘you can stay as long as you like, it’s no concern of ours.’ When night came they grabbed the three Ladies in White who had accompanied me and dragged out (of the prison). They left me at the station, to my fate, with my two little girls, at 3:00 in the morning.”

Translator’s note: This post is translated from the blog Penultimos Dias.