Taliban Adrift? / Fernando Dámaso


In this land, discovered on October 27, 1492 (or was it January 1, 1959?), in the last fifty years there seems to be a constant, and all those who deviate from the official sanctified line, even if only by a few inches, those who think with their own heads, have ideas, opinions, views and dare to express them publicly, are subjected to every kind of insult, slander, offense, accusations and other similar baseness, most of it totally unfounded, and some even meanly manipulated.

The Taliban government of cyberspace, well indoctrinated and well paid, throw themselves furiously on the designated victim, according to their orders, not for the purpose of confronting different opinions, but rather to destroy the victim, sparing no weapons as dirty, immoral, degrading or repugnant as they may be. It is known that mediocrity has no limits!

Instead of accepting and participating in a healthy and respectful exchange of ideas, opinions and judgments, something increasingly urgent and necessary if we are to really solve the serious problems of our nation, something desired by most people (even by those who dare not speak), instead of this they engage with a vengeance and hatred against their peers, Cubans just like them, as if they were blood enemies from another planet. It’s absurd and outrageous, understandable only by the degree of fanaticism that exists, far removed from the most basic reason.

This divide and conquer only benefits some addicted to power, but never the citizens and much less the nation. Dialogue between all parties, without exclusions of any kind, tolerance, mutual understanding, extending open hands instead of fists (which only brought us misery, separation, pain and blood) is what is required by a society that seeks to move forward from the sad years of fratricidal conflicts, where all they have done is set us back historically, and make us ever more poor, miserable and dependent.

If what they say on the public dais is true with regards to their willingness to listen to different opinions, to end the false unanimity, and to set aside the double standard (which totally lacks morality), then I cannot understand this irrational and disproportionate reaction to any approach that differs from the official line.

Are these Taliban adrift? Or are they following the government line? Along with the double currency and the double standard is there double discourse? It would be interesting to clarify it.

It might be more useful to dedicate so much energy to fighting corruption, theft, the diversion of resources, the generalized lack of productivity, administrative inefficiency, delinquency, social indiscipline and other evils, that have corroded the country for so long. In any event, the times of a single opinion, a single viewpoint, are past, doomed to failure by the realities. New times are here and, in them, we must all participate equally in rights and duties. Hatred has never served to build anything. We must learn that lesson!

March 12 2012