Succor / El Sexto – Danilo Maldonado Machado

While the drug entered my body, my arms and legs were
remaining motionless. In my veins the poison ran so fast
neutralizing me, so it could never escape, the cry that was
hanging in my throat of HELP. I coughed, I moved my head to one side and
the other; with much effort I was able to see my notebook of
drawings with the pencil. A LIFELINE! My arm crawled like a snake
dying. What luck! It had a point. For some reason my fist
seized up it was inflexible. It was open exactly the same
thickness of the pencil like a socket. While trying to scream on the paper
HELP, my pulse was still more skilled and a tear of impotence
fell on the pencil eraser and ran to the tip. As if the
pencil was collecting my tears, my arm and my hand caught themselves
all in the air for you in the future. It fit on the paper, which for
some reason I could reach them and for some other reason I was no longer
dying in vain and nothing would go unpunished. Everything conspired to my
state which you knew.
Dedicated to Helena Moradi for all that we did together.
El Sexto