Sign “One Cuba”. A Petition for Pope Benedict XVI to Meet with the Opposition / Pieces of the Island

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Three Cuban-Americans with different political ideologies (in terms of American politics) have put together a petition so that Pope Benedict XVI meet with Cuban dissidents in his upcoming visit to the island on March 26th.  These activists are Giancarlo Sopo (a member of the Democrat Party), Keith Fernandez (Republican) and Nicolas Jimenez (Independent) and they have decided to combine their talents and voices on an issue which they all agreement on- freedom for Cuba.

The petition seeks to create sufficient solidarity so that Pope Benedict meet with members of Cuba’s internal opposition, explaining that “we believe that there is no better way for the world to open its heart to the Cuban people than by Your Holiness taking the time to meet with some of the island’s leading human rights activists such as The Ladies in White, Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet and Yoani Sanchez”.

The petition can be signed in its Facebook page, which can be visited by clicking here or simply search “One Cuba” on Facebook.  It is also suggested that you hit “like” on their Facebook page.

It’s time to leave behind the differences we may have in other issues and come together under one flag to create a Cuba “with all and for the good of all”.

From Pieces of the Island blog.

20 March 2012