Elohim / Lilianne Ruíz

Why do we human beings strive to substitute the experience of freedom for social illusions. The loss of freedom is a punishment  for not wanting to work, for not wanting to be responsible grown-ups in life. To save ourselves from such punishment costs double or triple the responsibility. Exercising our rights leaves us orphaned beings because we have a Father in heaven. But what to do when someone brandishes a sword in front of you? It’s true, if you don’t lower your head misfortune threatens. So I think the solution has to be deeper.

We will never substitute, without being deceived, our vitality for this sophisticated form of slavery. Everything depends on us. Peace depends on us. If we all decide to be free they cannot use violence against one group in particular. But if we leave this responsibility — again! — to a few, we are not only complicit in a massacre but we will get no freedom, nor happiness, nor prosperity, nor anything at all because we have no rights.

I am convinced that this is beyond the realm of politics. So to confront this from politics leads to confusion: how is it possible that the same people who suffer as I do can attack me? It is a phenomenon that enters the field of psychology when it comes to finding a cure for the mutant virus of submission. It is the fight of human beings faced with an apocalyptic beast.

For me, religion is more than a theological question, what it is, in fact, is a human question. So I gave up on thinking that in my Jerónimo blog I was talking about politics. If this is Politics than it is just for the henchmen. I am hopeful of recovering our humanity not only about the Eucharist, it will also be the beginning of a multi-party system and of democracy.

March 19 2012