Scapegoats / Fernando Dámaso

Generally, on this piece of land and sea where I live, the cause of all problems that oppress us and make our existence a yogurt, is the embargo (officially known as the “blockade” although one word differs from the other) that the government of the United States has subjected us to for over fifty years. This cause, so often repeated, is taken for granted, and most of our foreign friends share it as do many members of the United Nations without question.

There is no doubt that the embargo hinders our trade and obtaining credits from the United States, as well as relationships of all kinds that should exist between neighboring countries. But it is inefficiency, demonstrated in all aspects, that is the principal cause of our long crisis.

Scapegoating and throwing blame around for all the disasters had been the daily practice. Victims of this practice have been hurricanes, rains, drought, cold, heat, epidemics, etc. There is always somebody or something responsible for the ongoing productivity and economic failures.

This dogmatic and erroneous position has prevented the necessary self-criticism as well as the acceptance of criticism and recognition of mistakes–always seeing in them the hidden hand of the enemy–which is necessary to begin to repair the wrongdoing, though it might have been done with the best intentions.

While they don’t assume responsibilities for the outrages committed, while they don’t accept that it’s because of their own will and inability, and then they continue to blame the empire and its employees, they will not advance a single inch toward real solutions to our problems.

27 February 2011